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Everyday Face Wash

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Taking care of our skin is huge at any age! I have several friends with sensitive skin including myself and they love this!!!!!

This is an amazing great gentle wash ,..perfect for anyone even those with sensitive skin!!

You have to squeeze a little out, (it's like a paste almost) and put it straight on your face, then add water to activate the 🍊Vitamin C and it starts to foam.
👃It smells amazing and cleans leaving such a fresh, soft feeling to your skin.
Look at the difference with the apples below. ⬇️

This is how your skin is protected using our face wash. 180° Face Wash contains 10 percent active, efficacious Vitamin C, making it a potent tool against multiple signs of aging. In addition to targeting age spots and discoloration, this rich, creamy formula helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and firm the skin.

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