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Pocket Rocket Starsearch

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Description Pocket Rocket (paw-kit raw-kit) n. 1. Multi-pocket tote (6 on the outside, 2 on the inside). 2. Offers easy transport of everyday essentials for the teacher, mom, tennis player, or beach goer in your life. 3. Six pockets easily hold anything from canisters of tennis balls to bottled spirits. 4. Zipper top secures all prized possessions.
Pattern Starsearch
Pattern Description Spring/Summer 2016: A favorite seaside motif comes to life in a refreshingly feminine lapis tone set atop a bright white ground.
Handle/Strap Length 12"
Material All-Weather Woven
Height 14.5"
Depth 5"
Width 15"
Does it zip? Yes
Does it have pockets? Yes