VITAMEAL - The Downtown Dachshund


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If you are looking for a way to help the victims of #hurricaneharvey and the #catastrophicfloodinginTexas please let us know. One of our vendors has a program in place to help with the types of emergency situations like the hurricane/flooding in Texas, and I am collecting donations for VitaMeal to bring immediate relief to these areas. VitaMeal is specifically engineered to nutritiously feed children and adults. You can help by donating a bag, or two, or five, or more - each bag of VitaMeal is $27 and provides 30 meals - and for every 5 bags, the company itself will donate a 6th one... that is 180 meals!
They need our immediate help. The company will be shipping the bags directly to the relief points! Thank you in advance! I am collecting the orders for the donations and placing them. We can provide a receipt too to show your donation for tax purposes.