Ghost Gavin - The Downtown Dachshund
The Downtown Dachshund

Ghost Gavin

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  • Size: 4.5x3.5x3"
  • Material: Paper Pulp & Glitter
  • Year Introduced: 2021
A Bethany Lowe design. The three ghost brothers Gavin, Gilbert, and Graysen love different parts of Halloween so much, but don't get them started about which part is best! Gavin loves candy corn and has brought out his largest prized piece to show off to his siblings. He has donned his favorite witch hat in preparation for the all Hallows Eve festivities! As far as Ghost Gavin believes, there is nothing better than Halloween trick or treating, especially when he knows he will be able to collect more of his favorite candy corn. Pair Ghost Gavin with Candy Corn with his two ghostly brothers for a cute little vignette!

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